Talend Data Integration Tool

I have worked with the Talend Integration Suite to meet the requirements of my client. Talend Integration Suite is a licensed software of Talend and was introduced as an enhanced version for Talend open studio with advanced features. Few features worth mentioning are professional-grade technical support and additional enterprise-class features.

    Talend Integration Suite is available in various editions that meet the needs of any organization:

  1. Talend Integration Suite Team Edition provides all collaborative features and time-based scheduling functions.
  2. Talend Integration Suite Professional Edition extends the Team Edition with advanced event-based scheduling and extra execution features, error recovery management and real-time capabilities.
  3. Talend Integration Suite RTx extends the Professional Edition with SOA features, as well as additional real-time capabilities to focus on intensive real-time operational integration needs.
  4. Talend Integration Suite Enterprise Edition includes additional capabilities such as high availability and grid management among other enterprise-grade functionality.
  5. Talend Integration Suite MPx extends the Enterprise Edition with massively parallel execution and large volume handling capabilities.

More information on Teamwork and Consolidation of Development, Industrialization, Managing Complex Deployments, Execution Monitoring, Massively Parallel, Real Time Integration, Technical support is available at this hyperlink

Talend Open Source, can be downloaded at this hyperlink

Information on usage of Talend open source and details on all the components (preconfigured connector used to perform a specific data integration operation) can be found at same site.


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